Experienced Trial Lawyers
An attorney doesn't become a trial lawyer just because he has a diploma. And trial lawyers are not good at their work simply because they've been in a courtroom. The very best representative for your specific legal need will depend largely on the details of your case. The attorneys of The Hurst Law Office draw from a depth of many and varied types of in court experience to assist clients through every step of the sometimes confusing legal system.
Professional Staff Providing Quality Work
Q. Byrum Hurst and the other attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, investigators, and clerical and secretarial staff of the Hurst Law Office participate in continuing legal education in order to offer clients only the highest quality, most up-to-date materials and opinions. The firm will routinely accept only fifty percent of those with whom they consult for representation. The firm's interest in this thorough screening procedure is to assure the individuals and businesses that legal remedies are, indeed, the appropriate for solving their problems. The Hurst Law Office will not accept a client merely to generate fees. Any litigation must be in the client's best interests.read more

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